TOHUMAN is an online universe about healthy lifestyles and improved quality of life – throughout life. TOHUMAN’s experts guide you through articles and our health app. Find a skilled therapist and search for exciting products for alternative therapy.

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    TOHUMAN affords a 360 degree view on health the natural way. We have themes on diet, training, work-life balance, alternative therapy, and much more. We focus on prevention rather than cure. Our skilled therapists guide you and shares advice every week.

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    Improve your health and well-being both physically and mentally. TOHUMAN app is a health app offering natural products, guides, and articles. Health and well-being in your hand 24/7.

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    Market yourself as a therapist effectively. At Qatpo.dk, we have gathered all the best therapists. This makes it easy for your clients to search and find you locally.

Health and well-being

A unique universe for alternative therapy

We live longer and need to strengthen our body and mind. TOHUMAN is the guide to health and well-being – throughout your life.

  • Articles and guides on body, health, well-being, and prevention
  • Skilled specialists guide you
  • Loads of tips and good advice
  • Step-by-step guides for health and well-being
  • FREE health app that guides you in your everyday life
  • Easy to find skilled therapists near you
  • Find select and coveted products for alternative therapy.
Health and well-being

Did you know ...

… about a third of Americans use alternative medicine. They seek extra help to relieve pain from chronic conditions, to relieve stress, and to improve their health overall.

Be visible on our digital platforms

Do you want to reach people who cares about alternative therapy? We can provide effective marketing across the TOHUMAN online universe. You can also elect to only be visible on individual platforms. We offer both advertisements and advertorials, SoMe, as well as push-notifications.


Advertise and reach your target audience within health and well-being. We offer advertising across our digital universe. That is; advertisements on our log, therapist portal, in our app, newsletters, and more.


Advertorials – also called infotainment or sponsored articles – can provide a much larger effect than an ordinary advertisement. Let us help you create great articles for your target audience.

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Who is our target audience?

TOHUMAN is primarily focused on women interested in health and well-being and between the ages of 35-54 years.

About the reader: We know that many women (and more and more men) cares about health and well-being. It is about taking of one’s body, prevent injuries, and avoid falling ill, so we can live longer and stay young and in shape. Because of this, TOHUMAN is very much targeted towards women who is willing to invest time and money in themselves and their closest.

A lot of people also view alternative therapy as complimentary to treatment within the national healthcare system. With TOHUMAN, you can target you advertisements effectively.

About half of Americans (50%) report having tried some form of alternative medicine during their lifetime.
About a fifth of Americans (20%) say they have tried alternative medicine instead of conventional medicine.

Healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life

We create an attractive online universe for people looking for a healthier lifestyle and alternative therapy COMPLETELY FREE.


– A free universe with guides and good advice from specialists
– A community for everyone, where anyone can share his og her experiences

With us, you can access the people who are already interested in the things you wish to advertise for.

TOHUMAN is an online media network

TOHUMAN affords you opportunity to target your message, product reviews, articles, and campaigns directly towards the audience you want. We help you in dialogue with the consumers.

TOHUMAN concists of …
1) A health blog with free articles and guides
2) A health app with articles, search portal, and products
3) Search portal making it easier to find therapists throughout the country – just like hotels.com
4) Online shopping 2020

  • “TOHUMAN guides people to stay healthy – throughout their life. It is about health and increased well-being both externally and internally”

    Jan Dibbern

    Jan Dibbern

  • “With TOHUMAN we have created a community for people interested in alternative therapy. This makes it easy for you to target your marketing and see the effect each week”

    Christian Illerup

    Christian Illerup

    SEO og Analysis expert

Explore the universe of TOHUMAN

Explore the TOHUMAN universe. As advertiser, you have several options to make your marketing effective.

We have great expertise with good content

TOHUMAN employs a team of skilled writers and an editor controlling all editorial content. The result is that we are able to help you with well-written sponsored articles. If you are a therapist, you can become an expert blogger.

Strong profile
As a therapist, you will be found 24/7

A strong web portal makes all the difference. If you are placed among the top therapists online, you will also be found very easily. We have developed a strong search portal á la Hotels.com – all of it helps you being found via Google.

Online webshop:
We feature exclusive products

The ambition of TOHUMAN is to deliver an online shop with select products for alternative therapy. We will guide the users to the best products on the market. Our online shop is expected to launch in 2020.

Be exposed in our new alternative therapy health universe

Join our exclusive network of alternative therapists. Become part of the TOHUMAN universe and take advantage of all the benefits both for marketing and branding.


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