The idea behind the To Human app

Almost always do we carry a smartphone on our person. Let us make it a tool to aid the use of LifeWave patches across the world

The idea of the To Human app came to light when a Danish project manager in the IT industry discovered LifeWave. Jan Dibbern spent a year discovering the patches on himself. During that time, the question of how to make it quick and easy to use the patches kept surfacing: How could the LifeWave users be helped to achieve greater joy from the patches on-the-go and discover the potential of the patches? How to share the experiences of the protocols which helped you the most?

The answer to all these questions are answered by the development of the To Human app.

LifeWave patches have changed my life. Therefore I hand-picked a team of the best specialists in mobile communication to create an ultimate and always up-to-date guide, an encyclopaedic tool, and a communication platform for users and providers of LifeWave patches worldwide. With a simple online app, my mission is to help you and others. Please help me to spread the word human to human.

– Jan Dibbern, Conceptualist behind To Human –

Read our General Terms:

LifeWave is in no way affiliated with the To Human app, Intelisage Ltd., or any other products from Intelisage Ltd.

The To Human app is solely a tool guiding the usage of LifeWave patches. Intelisage Ltd. and the To Human app is not responsible in any capacity for the suggested methods and protocols of the To Human app.

LifeWave’s products and the To Human app may not be mistaken for medical treatment or preventive medicine. Lifewave patches and suggested methods should only be used and applied by healthy persons of 18 years or over.

Consult your doctor before using LifeWave products or the suggested methods in the To Human app. Also consult your doctor if you feel uncomfortable, unwell, or ill. Be cautious when suggesting LifeWave patches to others, and always inform them of these reservations.

The application of the described methods in the To Human app and LifeWave products is a risk solely undertaken by the user. Neither Intelisage Ltd., nor the To Human app is responsible in any capacity in relation to any of the suggested methods.

Persons who are quoted on this website may have experienced results which will not necessarily apply to others. The results can differ from your results. Neither To Human nor Intelisage Ltd. can be held accountable for your use of the information on this website.

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